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Getting to Bhutan

Till Bhutan embarked on a planned economic development in the early 1960′s, Bhutan by and large remained cut off from the rest of the world. The country was accessible only by foot. The two main entry points to the country was from the North and from the South. From the north, the entry was from Tibet and was possible crossing…

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Getting around

Despite the major hurdle posed by the inaccessible terrain, the high mountain passes, all major towns and important places of visit are connected by a good road network. However, an important feature of the road system is the innumerable curves and bends that one will have to negotiate. Besides the bends, another characteristic of the road network is the steep…

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Travel Requirements

Tourists can book a package holiday to Bhutan through both International and Bhutanese local tour operators. Information is available from travel agencies. The Royal Government of Bhutan sets minimum selling prices for packages to Bhutan and this must be paid in US dollars prior to arrival in Bhutan. The minimum price includes: All internal taxes and charges (including the royalty)…

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Travel Tips

HEALTH: The best medical facilities are at the general hospital in Thimphu. Travelers are advised to advise to avoid untreated or un- boiled water. Altitude sickness can affect some travelers although accommodation is at around the same altitude as most ski resorts. General medicines are readily available but guest are advised to bring in their own requirements for the duration of…

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Trekking Tips

Physical Fitness Treks vary from short three-day walks across low altitudes to the three-week Snowman Trek that covers 356 kilometers and climbs three of the Kingdom’s highest passes. Not only the overall duration but also the daily walking distances vary substantially according to the different trek routes. Guiding, Food and Camping In Bhutan, all trekking supplies – camping equipment, kitchen…

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Flight Schedule

International Flight Schedule Summer Schedule Effective 15may 2012-27 October 2012 as on 16Mar DAY FLIGHT SECTOR DEP ARR ACFT MON KB204 PBHDEL 800 950 A319 KB205 DELPBH 1050 1350 KB212 PBHCCU 830 930 ATR KB213 CCUPBH 1000 1200 KB410 PBHKTM 1445 1530 A319 EFF 1AUG KB411 KTMPBH 1610 1725 KB141 BKKGAU 650 820 A319 GAUPBH 850 1015 KB126 PBHDAC 1110…

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Driving Distance

All the tourist destinations of Bhutan are accessible by road only as there is no connecting railway transport or domestic flight in the country. Despite high mountains and steep slopes, Bhutan has a fairly well developed network of roads. The roads along the rugged terrain and mountains limit the car speed to 30 km/hour and with tourist buses driving even…

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Temperatures in Bhutan

Average Temperature of Bhutan Months Temp. Paro Thimphu Punakha Wangdue January Max 9.4 12.3 16.1 17.0 Min -5.8 -2.6 4.2 4.3 February Max 13.4 14.4 19.6 19.0 Min 1.5 0.6 5.3 7.8 March Max 14.5 16.4 21.12 22.8 Min 0.6 3.9 9.2 10.4 April Max 17.6 20.0 24.4 26.2 Min 4.6 7.1 11.2 12.9 May Max 23.5 22.5 27.2 29.1…

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Festival Dates

You can chose any of the festival dates which suits your holiday date and we can help you to combine with cultural trip, adventurous tour or any exclusive tours. So that you get to see and explore bhutan to the best. Festival Dates For 2016 Sl. Name of Festival Place of Festival From Date To Date 01 Punakha Drubchhen Punakha…

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Tour Cost

We quote our tour costs according to a tariff set by the Royal Government of Bhutan. Peak Season – March, April, May, September, October and November Rate: US$ 250/ Night per person. Off Season – June, July, August, December, January and February Rate: US$ 200 / Night per person Single Traveler – additional US$40 as surcharge. Group of Two –…

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Why Bhutan Assured Travel?

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Clients Reviews

"I am glad to recommend Raj to all of you. He is a charming,clever & friendly man. His responsability helps me to travell alone in such remote part of the world. We enjoy together the wonder of nature & get all the advice I need to enjoy this adventure. I am glad to recommend Raj to all of you. He is a charming,clever & friendly man. His responsability helps me to travell alone in such remote part of the world. We enjoy together the wonder of nature & get all the advice I need to enjoy this adventure. Thank…
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